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  • Flexible Repayment Terms
  • Blacklisted Finance Welcomed
  • Best Interest Rates
  • Finance up to 250k
  • Friendly Efficient Service
  • Fast Approval
  • Personal and Commercial Vehicle Loans
  • Private Vehicle Finance
  • Easy Online Application Form

  • Use the form below to apply for a car loan/personal or business/commercial vehicle loan.


    Q:Can I apply for a motor loan if i'm blacklisted?
    A:Yes you can, if you do not have a perfect credit record, we will try to get your vehicle loan application approved.

    Q:How do I apply for a motor loan?
    A:You will need to complete our motor loan online application form to check if you qualify for a vehicle loan or please view criteria below. Click here to start the application process

    Q: Are your vehicle loans up to 250k per person?
    A:Yes we allow approved vehicle finance up to 250k per person. Please do a combined application if you are MARRIED/ENGAGED/LIVING TOGETHER (for AFFORDABILITY)

    Click here to start the vehicle application process





Why Use
  • We process motor loans nationwide through-out South Africa (No need for face to face interviews)
  • We get you the best interest rate on your motor loan.
  • Fast and Efficient Service
SA Motor Loans is leading the way with the best vehicle finance interest rates available from a wide range of major lenders as well as a friendly service. Whether you are buying your next vehicle from a car dealer or buying it privately, we make the approval process fast and simple.

We specialise in many areas of vehicle finance, from cars and motorbikes to large truck and trailer vehicles. We can help with commercial/business vehicle loans.

The application process is fast and efficient since there are no face to face interviews or long detailed paperwork to complete. Once you complete our online form and fax your relevant documents to us, we will process your application ASAP and get back to in the shortest time possible.

Unique Attention
We recognise that no two customers are the same, so we take the time to assess your individual needs and help you find the best motor finance that works for you.

We take out the hassle and stress of finding a suitable vehicle finance that fits your individual needs. By making use of just one application form, we can apply to multiple lenders on your behalf. Let us do all the hard work for you.

Lowest Interest Rates
You will be pleasantly surprised at low interest rates we can negotiate on behalf of our clients. We are commited in finding our clients the best rates in the current vehicle finance market in SA.

We now offer private vehicle finance for vehicles that cost more than R30000 and less than 10 years old.




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